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Bluegrass Trophy of Nations

After the great success of the 2019 edition, the historic collaboration between Finale Outdoor Resort and the Enduro World Series will give rise again this year on September 28th and 29th to a unique event, the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations powered by SRAM in Finale Ligure.

The Finale Ligure Trophy of Nations is destined not only to be remembered as the first time in history that the special UCI jerseys are seen in mountain bike enduro, but at the same time represents a celebration of the international nature of the enduro sport discipline, which has chosen Finale Ligure as the worldwide destination for the expression of all its positive energy.

The Trophy of Nations, which will take place after the last round of the Enduro World Series, brings together teams made up of three riders to compete against one another for the title of Nations, Industry and Amateurs.

The riders chosen to represent their National Team are drawn from the EWS Global Enduro Ranking, whilst the Industry Teams will be formed by EWS Team and Supporters, and the competition between amateur Teams is open to all.

A true combination of amateur and international competition, riders from all over the world will face the same race as the winners of the UCI Rainbow Jersey.

To enrich the long weekend of mountain biking and outdoor activities at the end of September 2020, the Flow Festival and the Trophy of Nations are joined by the final stage of the first historic world series of Electric MTBs, the Enduro World Series.

On the occasion of the Bluegrass Trophy Of Nations, the cafes and bars on the beach of Finalmarina will become the “Welcome houses” of the Nations, where you can meet the top riders and take a short trip around the world in the form of local foods, music and other elements typical of the nation of origin of the athlete they are hosting.

Colour, national pride, culture and fun will come together in a very exciting moment that will mark the beginning of the unmissable Bluegrass Trophy of Nations powered by SRAM in Finale Ligure.