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Snorkeling and diving

Scuba diving, snorkelling, free diving, sailing trips, windsurfing and dolphin watching in Finale Ligure.

Finale and the sea of its gulf are ideal for practising the most popular water sports: scuba diving, free diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing, etc.

In western Liguria, and in particular between Noli and Pietra Ligure, there are vast stretches of coast that lend themselves to these sports, thanks to the presence of fossil or beach rock beaches, geological formations of great naturalistic interest that are not commonly found in the whole basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

Excursions are organised to go in search of the marine and underwater treasures of the Finale area, which include the Marine Protected Area of the Island of Bergeggi within the protected marine area of the “International Sanctuary of Cetaceans”.

In Finale Ligure’s port you will find the Diving Centre, a sailing and windsurf school, and a boat and dinghy rental service (no license required).

It is also possible to book half or full day excursions on a sailing boat, departing daily from the Port of Finale Ligure, and accompanied by expert skippers. Head to the islands of Bergeggi and Gallinara in search of dolphins, with lunch and evening aperitif on board.

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