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Today the Finale area is one of the international paradises for this discipline. The very particular limestone rock, characterised by “drip” holes and holds, makes the destination one of the most technically interesting in the world. The “Finalese” slab is becoming an obligatory route for the greatest climbers in the world.

In addition to the rock, considered one of the most beautiful of all, Finale differs from other climbing destinations for being a paradise by the sea. The union of sea and cliff has represented Finale’s strong point over the years. Today, there are over 3000 climbing routes, impressively well-equipped in true sporting style. Some cliffs, however, remain more “mountaineering” in character, for lovers of the original way of doing things. Here too, Finale has the merit of being able to offer itineraries for both climbing preferences.



It offers accompaniment services for climbing, off-piste skiing, canyoning and exploration

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Guided tours by Mountainbike, Kayak or Snorkeling and Excursions in Finale Ligure, the outdoors capital, in the Cinque Terre UNESCO National Park and in the Bergeggi Marine Park.

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The climbing gym, located in the old Oratory of the Parish Church, is a meeting place for climbing and hiking enthusiasts.

Designed and managed by the Supergiù Sports Association, in addition to being ideal for the training of expert climbers, it is also a place where children and young people can approach sport climbing safely and develop a conscious approach to the wealth of the area.

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You will find some basic information for each climbing complex, such as the location of all the crags present (with attached gps tracks that can be downloaded for free in “.gpx”, “.tcx” and “.kml” formats) and the fastest way to reach them. The number of “itineraries” for each sector, their scale of difficulty and their maximum length.

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