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For lovers of walks and trekking, Finale will reveal itself in all its beauty with the countless paths that offer breath-taking panoramic views and a practically unspoilt Mediterranean flora.

The ideal way to practice your favourite sport whilst also exploring with your eyes and discovering – in addition to nature – the traditions, customs, history, food and wine of the area, including traditional products from the villages and hamlets that you encounter along the way.

The whole the Finale territory is marked by footpaths of various levels of difficulty.

In Finale Ligure, a passion for walking and exploration easily marries with a love of history and archaeology:

The Grotta dell’Arma cave on the Altopiano Manie, the Ciappo dei Ceci and the Ciappo delle Conche with their fascinating rock carvings dating back to prehistoric times are just some of the most precious testaments to the presence of prehistoric man that you will encounter by probing the fascinating valleys of the Finale area.


Free flight can only be practised in specific coastal areas of the territory.

In Finale Ligure, take-off is from the Altopiano delle Mànie, with landing on the beaches of Finale and Varigotti.

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